ART PARTY ROAD SHOW - Fair Park Caricatures


Hey fam,

I forgot to share these Art Party pics from the store opening I worked in Fair Park last week!

They hired me for face painting, but no one was into it.  

But my sign also offered Caricatures, and once people started getting them, I stayed busy the whole time!

It was SUPER COLD that morning, but it was one of the busiest store openings I've ever worked at!

This is the first store opening I worked for this client that was in a downtown area with lots of foot traffic, and they had a secret weapon:


Once I got started, I didn't have to talk people into the chair that much.  There was always someone wanting to do it.  

Most of the store openings I do are on farm to market roads in the middle of nowhere, but this one was in the hood, so I got to draw lots of black and brown people.

Like I said, that bounce house allowed people to deposit their kids and get a caricature, or watch me do one for someone else. 

So there was always someone waiting in the wings.

That was a fun weekend. I worked a Valentine's party on Friday in Woodway, then drove up 35 North to do this one the next day.

Got a party coming up?
If you have a party coming up, and you would like me to come make art with you, you can respond to this message and let me know what you have in mind.


CLICK HERE to schedule a Free Phone or Zoom Call to talk about it!  

Hope to hear from you soon,
-Samax ("some AX")
Samax Amen at Clay Pot - Hella Good Tee
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