Start your day off RIGHT w/ Tobe Nwigwe and nem

It's the start of a new work week, so I know you need to get it jumping.  GhettoManga Emcee of the Year Tobe Nwigwe got that fire to start the whole week off RIGHT...

Happy Birthday PARIS CULLINS!!!

I don't make those numbered lists y'all like to argue about so much, but if I did, veteran cartoonist PARIS CULLINS would be in my top ten favorite comicbook artists of all time.  Since October 26th is Paris's birthday, let's talk about why.

#SheGoHARD - UNBOW YOUR HEAD by Julio Anta and Katherine Lobo

I just ran across this short comic Unbow Your Head about a woman who turns the tables on a street harassing douchebag.  Read the whole joint below.

"It's Elementary. They Want Us ALL GONE Eventually." -Nas

I catch a fair amount of flack for occasionally depicting cops as bad people in my comics, or for saying things my conservative friends think are unfair to so-called "good cops" on social media.  I never really feel  the need to defend my positions, because I know that now that they cannot hide, the "bad apples" will show their colors and make my point for me.

Happy Birthday AHMAD!!!

October 10th 2019 is Ahmad "Back in the Day" Lewis's 44th birthday.  So because he is one of the dopest emcees to ever do it, I don't want the day to pass by without a shout out.  So celebrate MODsday with some music and such...

How to Complete Your Back Burner Project, Once and For All!

Use this plan to complete projects that includes the important ingredients of reward and accountability.

It's a mermaid thing, fam.  🐬 You wouldn't understand.

Anybody interested in a mermaid comic? I've been sitting on a script since late 2016. But before we talk about that, here's a thing I drew for Inktober...

#NowPlaying MEAT MARKET by M.Slago + Midaz the Beast + DJ Spiderman

This new M.Slago single Meat Market takes me back to simpler times with a noisy loop worthy of the Bomb Squad, Midaz the Beast's syncopated flow, and liberal cuts from DJ Spiderman of a beloved Public Enemy sample.  Also has a Tony Kukoc shout out.

Put NARUTO + Michael B Jordan + Coach Menswear on Your Chest

Viz media PR dude Erik Jansen put me on to the new NARUTO-INSPIRED clothing line coming from COACH Menswear spokesman and iconic actor Michael B Jordan.

Did you catch my interview on Sunday, fam?

Hey fam,

My friend Marshall Lee invited me back to his show to chat about things that hold artists back who are trying to make money freelancing.  You can check out the interview here.  It's about two hours.

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