"Miraculous" by samax.
now that i have a little break from conventioneering, i'm making available these signed prints of "Miraculous"...

Miraculous is a drawing that illustrates my view of Love and Spirituality . it speaks of, and to, the longing for a relationship that is "right" in every sense of the word... like many of my "sweetheart" drawings, it's a wish, a prayer... a drawing done with one set of fingers holding the pencil, and the other set crossed behind my back (figuratively speaking, of course!). i'm one of those folks that STILL believes in God, Love, and Angels, and that they usually work in unison... and sometimes, in pieces like this one, it shows in my work.

the prints are standard 8 1/2 x 11 (so they're easy to frame), and hand-signed by the artist (that's me!) you can cop one for just $25, with free shipping!

peace, Love, etc.
p.s. you can buy other print items with this image in the Ziontific Store...

the Early Bird Special

“Me tryn’a be good don’t mean that I won’t bust my thing,
If I have to get ‘hood, like David wit’ the Phillistines…”
-MO Tep
The strength of hipHop, now as ever, is the Underground.
It’s the vibrant energy of the streets (wherever those streets may be), and it lets those with an ear to hear know what‘s up. in the case of the man behind This Weeks Cut, those streets ran through the windy city of Chicago. (in case you didn't know, every Thursday, I load a new song on this blog, as my way of teaching people what REAL hipHop is… ). This week's Cut is “Belief (Early Bird Work)”, from blue collar Chicago rhymer M.O. Tep.
“Cops is after me, so I don’t really party much. Plus, I’m inta math and can still use an abacus…” says Tep, a matter-of-fact kind of spitter who mixes street-level braggadocia and sky-high metaphysics flawlessly.
The youngest of nine kids, the family-centered emcee says of his brother “but at the same time, he on the front line, tatted up wit’ gang signs battling’ with that slave mind” on my favorite joint "Had Ta Bus"… look, just go to his mySpace (http://www.myspace.com/earlybirdwork) and check it out along with other songs from his ambitious record, Early Bird Work, a’ight?

Disney's Next "Princess": a Sista in the N.O...?

N.O. this is not a joke! not a dream! not a hoax! a 19 year old black woman named Maddy is the star of Disney's next animated film: The Frog Princess. the film, which Disney (and Pixar) c.c.o. John Lasseter calls "an American Fairy Tale," will be set in the womb of the Jazz era, 1920's New Orleans.
experienced directing tandem John Musker and Ron Clements (Alladin, The Little Mermaid, Hercules) will helm the new film. New Orleans native Randy Newman (seen below with the Dirty Dozen Brass Band) will supply songs and the score for the Disney musical, and Jennifer Hudson, Anika Noni Rose, and Alicia Keys are all rumored to be contending for the title role, but i haven't heard who will snag it... The Frog Princess is currently scheduled for release in 2009... so you got time to save up for movie popcorn...


Storm and T'challa the New "IT" Couple at Marvel?

yeah... in case you didn't know, Storm and T'challa, the King and Queen of Wakanda (and generally important negro superfolks) are gonna take over the Fantastic Four. in the wake of Marvel's super-duper crossover event, Civil War, Reed and Sue Richards (aka Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman) will dip out (presumably to work on their marital issues) and be replaced by the new Power Couple.
seeing as i am already an on-again-off-again FF fan, i will certainly be watching the book, which will be written by prominent black dude Dwayne McDuffie (Justice League Unlimited, Ikon). we'll see...

what's the Illest hipHop Album Ever?

just wondering... what do you consider the illest hipHop record ever?

there's a lotta usual suspects, but it's interesting to see what other people say...

my answer'll be in comments, but think about yours. to help, think about this:
  1. what record were you most excited by when you heard it?
  2. what record gave you/restored your faith in hip hop?
  3. what record never gets old, no matter how often you listen to it?
  4. what record is a high water mark you judge other records by?
  5. what record can you listen to without skipping any tracks?

think hard, get at me!

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