Help me wish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to legendary Chicago emcee PROFOUND, by checking out his new video & album!

Today in observance of Chicago-based emcee Profound's bornday, peep his new video Heart of the Streetz (w/ a sick beat by NO ID), the first single off his album 4DaLove.

That dude Sean Mack supplied art for this hilarious low budget live action superhero spoof BLACK ANGUS

Malik Matthews was not much of a man, and when he gets superpowers, he's not much of a superhero, either. But the origin/debut episode of Black Angus -the low budget webseries that will follow the exploits of this plain-clothes crime fighter- is a hilarious parody of superhero tropes seasoned with hip hop style and irreverence.

Preview pencils from DEADPOOL #1 (by my dude @MikeHawthorne) and my thoughts about the @DeadpoolMovie trailer

I like your art Wade, but it's not what we're looking for at this time...
I'm pretty sure Salt n Pepa and DMX will not be on the soundtrack to Deadpool, but Marvel has been playing the role of hip hop aficionados lately, so you never know...

Did I mention there's a "Legend of the Mantamaji" Live Action Short? 'Cause there is...

If you read the fresh indie graphic novel series Legend of the Mantamaji (and I recommend that you read it, if you haven't already), you'll get a huge kick out of this live action short, written and directed by series creator and professional tv dude Eric Dean Seaton

This BROTHERMAN:REVELATIONS promo vid gave me a shot in the arm!

Guy A. Sims, Dawud Anyabile and Brian McGee are getting their dream team on if this video is any indication of the level of post-medicinal dope we can expect from their upcoming original graphic novel Brotherman: Revelations...

CLICK HERE to start your "BIONIC SIX" Binge

Yes, there really is a youTube Channel dedicated to the eighties super-hero cartoon Bionic Six. For all you youngsters, Bionic Six was about a multicultural family of cybernetically enhanced superheroes, the world's only hope against greasy fat megalomaniac Doctor Scarab and his league of super-powered henchmen.

A few words about the late, great Sean Price aka Ruck aka Mic Tyson aka Kimbo Price aka Mega Sean aka... #RIP

I awoke late on Saturday to the terrible news that the mighty Sean Price of Heltah Skeltah, Boot Camp Clik and Random Axe died in his sleep that morning in Brooklyn...

This #GrownManRap interlude brought to you by @Printmatic

After spending the evening handling some business at my homeboy's crib, we were building and destroying over pizza and fresh raps when this video for Perspective by Columbus, Ohio based micro mogul Blueprint came on...

"The Nib" on Kickstarter? Yeah, that's great... Wait!!! Did you say RON WIMBERLY?!?!?

The Nib is pretty great, and I think you should back their Kickstarter for their sweet anthology EAT MORE COMICS, but I'm too busy to pitch it to you. However, I do have just enough time to post these pages by number one ninja in the chain of command D-pi (look for him on your 2016 Presidential primary ballots as Ron Wimberly). Also, the folks at The Nib made a video or something...

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