Don't forget CAPTAIN AMERICA and the MIGHTY AVENGERS #2 comes out this week!

 I still haven't read Captain America and the Mighty Avengers #1 yet, so there's a lot about the concept I will hafta leave unsaid. Having said that, check out this preview of the second issue...

"If they kick us out, then who cares? We takin' this party to Chipotle!" -Playdough

The Brand New Old School Video Show (powered by Playdough and Sean Patrick's album GOLD TIPS) is back, via the new video Off the Wall, with special guests Social Club...

"Big Trouble in Little China" speedpaint by Sean Mack AKA @ShizukaSam

My Black Comix bredren Sean Anthony Mack (Revolutionary Times) was flexing his Sketchbook Pro game on his iPad while watching Big Trouble in Little China the other day, one thing led to another, and now here's this speed paint video...

Check out this preview of STORM #5 (also #4 cuz I'm late...)

While I was off doing the whole "working poor" thing, Storm has been getting her goddess on, doing good deeds all around the globe. But it looks like her long-time teammate and friend Wolverine died or something, so we get to see that Ororo handles grief a little bit differently via these previews from issues 4 and 5...

Werewolf Family Values: Dynamite returns Patricia Briggs' "MERCY THOMPSON" Novel series to comics!

 New York Times’ bestselling author Patricia Briggs has written a new story set in the world of her MERCY THOMPSON novels called Mercy Thompson: Hopcross Jilly. Here's some preview art from the first two issues...

The road to @LeSeanThomas's CANNON BUSTERS ANIMATED SERIES begins HERE!

The wait is almost over...

Check out this Preview art from DEADPOOL #38! That dude @MikeHawthorne draws everything awesome!

 While your favorite artist was on youTube watching 10 Photoshop Tricks to Make Up for the Fact That You Can't Draw Feet, my dude Mike "Captain Puerto Rico" Hawthorne was busy beating up the game the old fashioned way. Exhibit A: These double page spreads from DEADPOOL #38...

"That's what happens when you have two sisters, no brothers, and idle time..." @MethodMan, speaking on his early influences

My favorite member of the mighty Wu-Tang Clan, the inimitable Method Man, digs into his influences in this bit of animated youTubery courtesy of the fine folks at Grantland.

African American comic creators! PEEP GAME COMIX is looking for YOU!

Here's a press release I received this week from Imani Lateef, who created his website Peep Game Comix as a digital comic distributor specializing in work by black creators and publishers. If you or someone you know makes comics, check this out!

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