#NowPlaying the new video/single "BOX GOD" by @Venomous2000. PLUS peep his new album A MOMENT TO REFLECT VOL 3!

"2000 years finally making up for Kharma
Be a force like Marcus Garvey, taking chinks in the armor..."

While I was on my working poor shit, that dude Venomous2000 dropped a brand new record this fall called A MOMENT TO REFLECT VOL 3. I'm born and raised in Texas, but I got a spot in my heart set aside for Jersey underground hip hop, and Venomous has long-since earned a permanent spot in rotation with his Afrofuturistic true school steez...

Venomous really embodies the spirit of emceeing that dominated the car speakers and  headphones of my teenage years, and that has fallen out of favor with mainstream American rap outlets and fans. I avoid being the old dude who laments the wackness of "rappers these days" but I think overground hip hop is definitely out of balance, and that the country is worse off for it.  As much as silly pop rap encourages foolishness, hip hop as Venomous practices it inspires intellectual and spiritual curiosity. V2G has figured out that the audience for true school hip hop still exists, and hits the road hard looking for a-alikes all over the world. Here's an interview he did with The Hip Hop Foundation in London during the final leg of this summer's European tour...
I have a lot of respect for Venomous and every time I hear new shit from him, it reminds me that there is so much good stuff out there that relatively few cats know about. I encourage everyone to stop complaining and seek it out. OH YEAH, and SUPPORT the stuff you like. You know, with money! If you're feeling this stuff, click here to buy a digital and/or physical copy of A Moment to Reflect, Vol 3 or one of his other records. It's gift-giving season, right? So why not give the gift of hip hop?

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