Don't forget CAPTAIN AMERICA and the MIGHTY AVENGERS #2 comes out this week!

 I still haven't read Captain America and the Mighty Avengers #1 yet, so there's a lot about the concept I will hafta leave unsaid. Having said that, check out this preview of the second issue...
Here's the sales pitch:

Once, Luke Cage was a man of the people... a champion of the community... a hero for everyone who needed help. But there’s a new Luke Cage in town... and the only one he’s helping is himself! •Plus: Captain America declares war - on the Mighty Avengers!
Quick comment! On this variant cover by Sanford Greene, Luke Cage looks kinda like Ving Rhames. I approve. Now, back to the preview...

I'm sure these roller-blade dudes are just a warm up dropped in to let the issue hit the ground running (so to speak), so I will keep my comments about them to myself. I kinda like the idea of a superhero call center. I wonder if they are hiring...
Anyways, Captain America and the Mighty Avengers #2 hits stores Wednesday November 26th, so buy it before you hit the road to celebrate Thanksgiving. 
This preview reminds me how much I like Monica Rambeau/Spectrum. I am only a little bit mad that she doesn't have an afro anymore. If you want me to draw her (or any other character) for you, click here to see my 30 Minute Drawing Sale.

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Arkonbey said...

I remember when Blue Streak got whacked by Scourge in a Captain America issue back in the day.

Man, they'll bring anybody back to life ;)

samax amen said...

HA! I remember that dude, too! I liked that character. But then, I also liked Rocket Racer and Slyde, so what do I know?

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