It's October fam!

Our Twitter peeps seem to REALLY like the story of these matching Cartoon Portraits, so check 'em out!

Hey fam,

Almost ten years ago (in the winter of 2012), I drew this Cartoon Portrait as a birthday gift for Rockie Stepter, commissioned by her new husband Trey.
Rockie of Themyscira ©2012+ Samax Amen.
Made in Photoshop

October 1, 2021. Is Rockie and Trey's 10th Anniversary, and she contacted me to create a piece of Trey as his current favorite character: Titans to Justice League transplant Cyborg! 

Treyborg ©2021+ Samax Amen.
Crayola markers + fine line Sharpie

She didn't ask for it specifically, but I wanted to create symmetry in Trey's pose, in case they decided to display the pieces in a symmetrical way. 

I decided to combine the white metal finish from the classic George Perez Cyborg design with some of the complexity of the Snyderverse design.  Yeah, Snyder Bros, I had to smooth out some of the hard edges and ditched most of the gunmetal grey, because I like Cyborg to actually look like a super hero. 

We all know I love monster heroes, but I like Cyborg as a miraculous high tech wonder, not a science-based body horror monster hero. 

Not saying they are not both valid, but that's just my preference.
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That's it for now, fam
Have a GREAT day!!
-"some AX"

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