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Hey fam,

I wanna start out by tooting my own horn, if that's okay.

Here's a piece I drew recently for accomplished underground hip hop producer ROB VIKTUM. 
I designed it for use as a teeshirt joint, so I'll let you know when he's taking preorders.

He shared this bad boy on his Instagram a few days ago, where it got props from the likes of MURS and 7evenThirty, so I am grateful...
Speaking of MURS AND ROB VIK...
No, I didn't make this cover art (next time...)


Anytime I feel myself needing a hip hop education, my approach is to buy (or at least check in with) DJ/Producer projects. 

They are uniquely positioned to remind you of dope emcees you forgot about and to put you on to new ones you need to check for.  

When I heard that SOL MESSIAH had a new album in the works, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it.  Now GOD CMPLX is out and I bought it yesterday.

Although he was VERY accomplished in the game, I took notice of Sol Messiah as the producer for SA-ROC, one of the dopest emcees out.  It's been such a breath of fresh air to find an artist like Sa-Roc and for her to always have beats that are up to her level of rhyming.  

Sol Messiah produced a slew of bangers for her that I loved, leading up to her Rhymesayers debut album The Sharecroppers Daughter, which was my favorite album of 2020.

As beatsmiths go, Sol Messiah don't miss. And as a hip hop taste-making exercise, GOD CMPLX doesn't disappoint either.

Besides a healthy dose of Sa-Roc, GOD CMPLX has features with artists I already know and love like KXNG Crooked, Evidence, Stic. Man from Dead Prez, Planet Asia, Murs, Aesop Rock, and the late Zumbi from Zion I.

There's also lots of emcees I SHOULD know and love, but I had to stop and look at the listing to find their names. 

For example, I must have listened
to the single SOL SUPREME featuring Cambatta a million times today, and I still have not managed to decipher all the dopeness contained therein...

"I composed the choir, the notes I spoke is higher
Than the vocals of the old Mariah
I would die before I ever tell the coach I'm tired..." 

Anyways, I definitely recommend getting your hands on GOD CMPLX
It's a great representation of coast-to-coast conscious hip hop that's rugged, layered, and never corny or preachy.

As Planet Asia says on Sun-Dey-School:
"Here's the Kicker:
I'm labeled as conscious it's true,
but don't leave out the firearms and liquor..."
Stream and purchase GOD CMPLX on Bandcamp
I also copped the Homeboy Sandman deluxe edition of his 2021 banger Anjelitu

I never got around to copping this joint last year, but this version comes with instrumentals, so my lack of attention span worked in my favor this time.

Sand is an artist's artist who clearly has no interest in being popular, and I love him for it.  My favorite track (and the repeater that I couldn't let go of this weekend) is the double-time testimonial Go hard.

Said goodbye.
Praised Divine that this reign of mine is on rain or shine
Keep that matter on your mind
I will not be undermined
Write that down and underline
I go hard
-Homeboy Sandman

Combined with tracks West Coast, Cow's MilkSheesh, and Lovin' It means that I absolutely loved more than half the tracks on Angelitu on the first listen through.

And it also includes all the instrumentals, all produced by Aesop Rock.
Stream and Purchase ANGELITU on Bandcamp
DJ FUSION of The Fusebox Radio Broadcast + The Futon Dun


The Melanites: SLAY DAY Kickstarter has reached the $2,500 goal, so THE MELANITES #3 will definitely hit fans' mailboxes in early November at the latest.  IF we reach $3,000 before the campaign ends (12:01 am October 16), fans will also get a free sticker pack with at least 4 stickers.
The first two issues of THE MELANITES (and the spin-off, ROOTZ) are currently available via the GhettoManga online store in print and instant digital download, if you can't wait until November to see what the comic is all about.

If you prefer to binge-read issues 1-3 (and ROOTZ) all together, hit up The Melanites: SLAY DAY Kickstarter campaign now.
Our friends at Konkrete Comics have a new issue of ODINA on sale!
Here's the sales pitch:

Odina, a superheroine who abandoned the world of crime-fighting, finds herself back in action in the midst of a battle between Gods and super human Hybrids. Odina must track down a demi-goddess on the loose and stop her before she finds a group of mystical items that will unleash hell on Earth.
Buy ODINA #4 Now


Here's some comic strips from George Winners that had me DYING this week!
Speaking of amazing cartoonists named George, that dude George Gant is was the guest on last week's PENCIL to PENCIL Show! Check it out on YouTube!
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Arts + Culture

Our mans Robert 'TRES' Liu-Trujillo was named this year's Featured Artist for OAKLAND CREATES 2022!

Stay tuned, because I GOTS to get ahold of my man and talk about this, as well as his 130 page Artbook ART OF ROB!  I bought it already.  It's dope or whatever, but don't take my word for it.
Rob also designed this new OAKLAND CREATES tee shirt for their new fundraiser.

What is Oakland Creates?
Oakland Creates is an art, comics and zinefest held in Oakland Ca. that showcases creatives from Oakland and the greater East Bay of Northern Ca.

Oakland Creates seeks to give an opportunity to artists and makers that are typically underrepresented in the mainstream comics and art scene.

Support the culture via this worthwhile organization on GoFundMe!
Help Oakland Creates 2022 be In-Person Again
Well, I gotta get back to work fam, but thanks again for reading! 

Have a great week!
Samax Amen is a professional Content Developer, Illustrator and Cartoonist. He is the artist of many great comics you never heard of like FREELANCER LIFE, Herman HeedChampion of Children, and The World As You Know It. He even writes and draws his own comics, like Dare: The Adventures of Darius DavidsonSpontaneous, and Manchild when he gets around to it. Because making comics is hard and stuff, he started GhettoManga as a blog in 2006 and as a print magazine in 2008.

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