Speed paint by Sean Mack for his pin up girl series THE RED BOOK. Also, more Revolutionary Times! WHOO-HOO!

My BLACK COMIX bredren Sean Mack (Revolutionary Times, The Red Book) draws girls. You like girls, right? Yeah, you like 'em...

Smack goes hardCLICK HERE to order a copy of the first volume of The Red Book on Amazon. Keep up with the Smacknology on Tumblr.

Also, Sean's draws the ambitious and funny comic THE REVOLUTIONARY TIMES with writer Brandon Howard. It's dope. So they brought it back while I was slaving for nickels and dimes. This makes me happy or something.

Here's the sales pitch:
The Revolutionary Times chronicles two young revolutionaries on their journey to shake up the establishment along with their mature baby cousin. After being fed up with a corporate influenced media that has diluted the intelligence of the masses, Brandon’s Revolutionary instincts take over and they create their own newspaper that demolishes that status quo, but brings some unwanted attention to their door step. The comic follows our characters on their journey towards waking the masses and avoiding political imprisonment.

Aaaand I gotta go get some sleep, so click here to peep The Revoltionary Times.

Samax Amen draws people, places and things for a living.  CLICK HERE to buy a copy of Samax's artbook SPONTANEOUS Volume 1 so you can say "I liked the first one better" when the new one comes out...
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