PREVIEW: Sam Jackson's Cold Space

Sam Jackson's back as Mulberry, a space-faring loose cannon looking out for numero uno in his new comic Cold Space. He's co-writing with his Afro Samurai homie Eric Calderon, and they're putting it down pretty good in this space western type joint. Jackson's character doesn't appear much in this preview, but you'll get the point...

Looking good! I haven't read the first two issues yet (if you have, feel free to chime in) but these pages look pretty cool! This is my first look at series artist Jeremy Rock, and he looks legit. I almost bought the first two issues when I was at the comic shop last week, but that $4 price tag killed the deal... I'll almost definitely get this in the TPB collection though! I hate to say it, but the move to $4 books will probably push me into buying trades exclusively... so sad...
ANYWAYS, Cold Space #3 will be in stores tomorrow July 8th, so ditch one'a those superhero books you don't like anymore (trust me, you won't miss it) and cop this instead!

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