#nowPlaying "Rare Chandeliers" by @ActionBronson and The Alchemist

My dude Mike Hawthorne (Deadpool, Conan: Road of Kings, Hysteria, Un-Men and other dope shits) posted this classic collabo between Action Bronson and Alchemist. Don't let your kids hear it... In fact, don't even let 'em see the record cover. It's THAT REAL!!! But yeah, you should check it out...

A'ight, I gotta go to work now...

Samax Amen draws people, places and things for fun and profit. Whenever possible, he makes it awesome. He didn't draw the Rare Chandeliers album art, but he ain't hatin'... so click here if you want Samax to draw your album art.

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Album art by GhettoManga

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