Sisters with natural hair on the cover of Bob Fingerman's MINIMUM WAGE #5 you say?

 This cover to the latest issue of Bob Fingerman's anti-romantic comedy Minimum Wage was just too good to not share. Peep a short preview of the issue and some blahzay blah from me...

I vaguely remember hearing Bob Fingerman talking about relaunching Minimum Wage on NPR or something but forgot to follow up on it, so luckily for me he roped me back in by posting a cover with hot chicks with 'fros on CBR. I love Fingerman's storytelling and the way he draws women of all shapes and sizes. He's such an unrepentant horndog, and his drawings all look like great carnival caricatures. Anyways (before I REALLY get started) Minimum Wage #5, the latest issue of his quasi-autobiographical series, arrives in stores May 14th. If you like this preview and have never read Fingerman, I TOTES encourage you to CLICK HERE to cop the Maximum Minimum Wage hardcover on Amazon (it's dope) or CLICK HERE to check out more of his sheet.

Samax Amen draws people, places and things for a living. He's no Bob Fingerman, but he makes it do what it do. CLICK HERE to buy a copy of his artbook SPONTANEOUS Volume 1. He's thinking about doing another one soon, so stay tuned...
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