"Gatchaman" live action movie trailer (Japanese)

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I like to think of myself as a huge fan of the classic anime series Gatchaman (well, I watched the English dubs of Battle of the Planets on teevee as a kid), but I really don't remember that much about it, except it starred a team of science-based superheroes who wore sweet bird suits, kicked alien butt, and flew a wicked spaceship that turned into a flaming bird and helped inspire one of the best underground rap songs of the 21st century.
Since this is in Japanese, I can't really offer much analysis. It looks like they toned down the birdiness of the costumes, and dulled the color palette, so that all the suits are black with color as accent. That's kind of disappointing, but I guess they wanted to avoid looking too much like Power Rangers.  Anyways, the Toya Sato-directed Gatchaman is coming out in Japan on August 24th, so it shouldn't be too long until you can catch it in the West. Stay tuned...



Aaron Coleman said...

Stateside it we called G-Force!

samax amen said...

LOL! Right! I didn't even know about the name "Battle of the Planets" until I was in high school!

LJ Panther said...

G-force is the baddest Japanese super team on the planet. I still remember intro roll call, the whole nine.

I don't know if the movie is going to be good, but I'm all in.

samax amen said...

That's what's up! There was a lot to be excited about in the trailer. The fight scenes are gonna be sick

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