NPR's "Morning Edition" gives props to "Adventure Time"

I geeked out SO hard when a story about Adventure Time came on NPR's Morning Edition yesterday. My wife rolls her eyes whenever I talk about how awesome the Cartoon Network show is, but the eggheads on NPR were co-signing on it, which made me feel vindicated or something...

"I am a little bit obsessed with it," says Lev Grossman, author of two best-selling novels (The Magicians and The Magician King) and senior book critic for Time Magazine. "It's rich and complicated the way Balzac's work is, which is a funny thing to say about a cartoon." 
Feh. This fits into the prevailing and tired "Comics (or in this case cartoons) aren't just for kids anymore" commentary. As someone who has been consuming this kind of media for decades, it still amazes me that people feel the need to say this kind of thing. But that's America for you.
Anyways, now that I'm through being a nerd apologist, I can geek out again!
I love it when the commentator suggests that maybe people are creating and/or watching these weird/smart kid shows with "a little chemical assist" (i.e. drugs), and series creator Pendleton Ward pushes back on that idea.
"For me, it comes from my childhood, wandering in my mind. You can't really go anywhere when you're a kid. I don't have a car, I don't have anything. I just have my backyard and my brain. And that's where I'm coming from when I'm writing it."  I felt myself light up when he said that. When I'm very productive in my art and writing, and my concepts start taking weird turns or making unexpected leaps in logic, people assume I must be "on something" to inspire that.  It's frustrating, because I work very hard to keep my brain loose and fertile. Why I gotta be on drugs? Respect my loose brain, dammit! 
So, yeah... Click here to listen to the audio clip, and then tell me your favorite episode of Adventure Time in the comments or on social media or whatever. If you've never seen Adventure Time, do yourself a favor and catch it on Cartoon Network or sample MY favorite episode on Amazon.

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