#nowPlaying "Rappers got stylists cause they can't think for themselves. See they don't have an identity so they needed some help" -Tyler

To my fellow old-head hip hoppers: Please stop all that "rappers today can't rhyme" isht. It's embarrassing.

"Fuck buying studio time, 
I'ma go purchase a shrink,
record the session and send 
all you motherfuckers a link!"
-Tyler the Creator
Caught this mess on Facebook a few minutes ago and decided to repost. Man... that Tyler sure can rap. This is off the album Wolf that Tyler dropped in 2013. I am not the hugest fan of Tyler or his crew Odd Future, but I think they are a talented bunch that deserves the success they've had. As much as heads get all bent out of shape over them, I think they would fit right in with the mid-to-late nineties rap landscape. So stop your bloodclot cryin'!

Maybe you disagree. Feel free to comment or get at me on social media to discuss.


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Vee (Scratch) said...

Truth is truth

samax amen said...

Ha ha! Word.

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