In stores now MIGHTY AVENGERS #8

I haven't been following Mighty Avengers, the Marvel Now book with Luke Cage, Power Man (Jr), Blue Marvel, Spectrum (Monica Rambeau, formerly Captain Marvel and Photon), the White Tiger, etc on it... but this preview of number 8 looks pretty dope.
The sales pitch:

• Spectrum and She-Hulk join Blue Marvel on one of his global adventures - against a threat that could break Adam’s heart!
• It’s White Tiger versus Tiger God - with Ava Ayala’s soul in the balance!
• We need to talk about Kevin.

Good stuff. I like how they seem to be making use of the Blue Marvel in this book. I've never read Kevin Grevioux and Mat Broome's Adam: Legend Of The Blue Marvel, but I'm glad to see the character's backstory continue to be developed in Mighty Avengers. The interplay between Adam and Lke Cage is interesting, and (young) Powerman's adolescent annoyance feels authentic.  I can't say whether Mighty Avengers will overcome the easy dismissal of being Marvel's affirmative action super team book, but this preview shows how the rich history of these characters can be utilized to craft engaging stories. If the creative team is able to realize a fraction of that potential, I'll consider it a win. The writing in the preview seems to be working at least, and the art is workable too.

Anyways, Mighty Avengers #8 is in stores now. Let us know your thoughts on this preview, and the series so far if you've been reading it.


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