start the day off Right w/Vast Aire

I don't know about you, but I loves me some Vast Aire... Here's some cuts off his upcoming album Ox 2010: A Street Odyssey...

Yeah the album is called Ox 2010, even though it's 2011 now, but
  1. There is significance to the album's title (which Vast touches on in the EXCELLENT interview he did on part 2 of last week's Conspiracy Worldwide Radio podcast)
  2. The album should have dropped last year, but "It wasn't finished. Would you serve someone a meal that wasn't fully cooked?"
  3. It's Vast's album... he can call it whatever he wants.

So anyways, I love Vast's attitude... In the interview, he laments on the way people keep dredging up his past, reminding cats how old these stories are to him. He's an example of an underground star who is significant enough to have fans (and haters) following him around since his Def Jux days, but close enough to the fans (and haters) that he hears every word they say...

"You have to compare everything I do to el-p? Go sit in his lap and tell him how much you love him (smh)... el-p hasnt made any bangers since 2001 grow the fuck up, but I love how I can count on you to listen to all my music just to compare it to a record I did 10 years ago? Thanks for giving me your time" -Vast Aire (actual comment on YouTube)
He's speaking of turn of the century banger The Cold Vein the seismic record he and partner Vordul Mega (known collectively as Cannibal Ox) did with el-p. His fan/haters fixation is understandable. That WAS a dope record... but I think it probably drew a bunch of nontraditional hip hop fans that don't like "ordinary"  hip hop. Vast is versatile and works with lots of different cats (a big part of his appeal), but I think some fans just want him to do what THEY want him to do.
anyways, have a great day!

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