new LIMITED EDITION Jim Mahfood book!

Avert the eyes of the young uns and lock down your girlfriend, 'cause it looks like that dude Jim Mahfood is determined to make the world a little grimier with the limited edition debut of his new artbook series, SCUM OF THE EARTH...

SCUM OF THE EARTH is his new 32 page artbook/zine/comic, which comes hand-signed and numbered. Because he personally adds a hand-drawn piece to each one, each of the 100 copies will be totally unique. If that's not enough, the Funk Pack includes the book, a Beat Bee Button, stickers, and Beat Bee Sessions temporary tattoo! peep some more preview art below

To get your very own copy of SCUM OF THE EARTH on Food's website, click here.


Arkonbey said...

Ooo. Nice stuff. He's got a great Bill Sienkiewicz vibe going on but, with a bit more updated flavor.

verification word is "exidis". Sounds like a band name.

Samax said...

Mahfood as the evil Sienkiewicz? yeah, that works! maybe when you put them together, they merge to form Exidis! (secret level UNLOCKED!)

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