Charlie Goubile's BLACKBIRD graphic novel is OUT NOW!!!

If you've been reading GhettoManga very long, you already know I straight cheerleads for Charlie "Fab" Goubile, and especially for his martial arts vigilante comic BlackbirdNow Goubile has collected his first miniseries into the brand new trade paperback Blackbird:Growing Pains, and it looks really dope!
In case you're new here, Blackbird is the story of Antwon Jenkins. When Antwon loses the only family member he has ever known to the streets, he is moved to bring justice to the city by becoming the crime fighting avenger Blackbird. With the support of his new family and friends Antwon struggles to rid the streets of crime and corruption, as well as deal with trials of being a young adult.
For those who already own the original comics, Goubile includes lots of extras to sweeten the pot: Production sketches and designs, cover and promo art, guest pinups from a who's who of underground artists (Mshindo, Ashley A. Woods, John Jennings, Shawn Alleyne, Stanley Weaver, M. Rasheed and Kanji), and intro from Brotherman creator Dawud Anyabwile. PLUS, Fab is dropping a preview to Blackbird 2: Street Wars including 10 story pages, promo art and character designs... anyways, to order Growing Pains on IndyPlanet, click here. Or go here to read more of my posts about Charlie "Fab" and Blackbird

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