Yay! Black-on-Black Violence! How Original!

Okay, so now that I have your attention, here's some preview art from Powerman #2 that I ganked from CBR. I will keep my smart remarks to myself, but you may feel free to make your own.
The Sales Pitch:
Marvel is pleased to announce your first look at Shadowland: Power Man #2, from red hot writer Fred Van Lente and up-and-coming artist Mahmud Asrar! Who is this new Power Man and how can he defeat both Luke Cage and Iron Fist? This newfound vigilante problem on the streets of Shadowland is worsened when the villains from Luke Cage and Iron Fist’s past show up to take the heroes down! The battle for the soul of New York continues in Shadowland: Power Man #2!
um. Yeah... I don't know. I was fully prepared to defend the new seemingly Bruce Leroy inspired Power Man... I actually like the costume design (I will admit to being confused by those chains, but the original Power Man had a chain belt too), but I don't know about these cats in the background led by the all-new-all-different Hamburgler? Ugh... feel free to discuss amongst yourselves...


Graffiti On The Sun said...

I guess it's a comic book law that the first time to heroes meet they have to fight. No surprise this happens when the 2 power men meet.

on the last picture I'm not sure who those guys are (though I think I've seen the guy in red w/ the silver arms before) I'm guessing there are some of Cages old enemies.

Samax said...

yeah, that's what I was thinking too... probably from comics that are before my time (and that's saying a lot).

dude just reminded me of Hamburgler! lol!

corance said...

To tell the truth, I'm not a big fan of the new Power Man's costume. I like his powers, though.

Maybe if they got rid of the knee pads and chain. Maybe have that stripe on the side go all the way down so it would be like athletic wear.

But, that rouge's gallery needs help!

Samax said...

yeah, I have no problem with Bruce Leroy's costume (except the chain belt. that's just goofy). It's a typical new superhero design. Look at Invincible or even Kyle Rayner. Knee pads everywhere you look.

this artist actually got his break on the Image book Dynamo 5. The look is congruent with what superheroes are wearing now.

I have no excuse for the Hamburgler and his boys, though...

B_Steelo said...

Hmm. I guess the outfit is ok, but it just seems too close to default now that I see it more. He looks like that dred cat in Invincible (or whatever team he's with.

I like Cage because his attitude later became his uniform

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