PhD student-turned assassin-for-hire Khadijah Khan takes on her boss in THE CORPORATION #kickstartTHIS

Khadijah Khan, star of The Corporation
Indie spy thriller author A. G. Fielder (The Adventures of J. Jones, Baby Daddy Drama: Let the Games Begin) is raising funds for her international action thriller comic The Corporation on Kickstarter, and needs some help to make it happen.

The sales pitch:
When PhD student-turned femme fatale Khadijah Khan tires of being a high-priced killing machine, she decides to punch the ticket of the man who made her the monster she is: Dawud El-Hashem, head of The Corporation. The Kickstarter will fund two related 24 page comics telling the story of the two main characters: Wrath of Khan and The Name is El-Hashem
Fielder teases that the air of power and coolness we see in these characters is only part of the story. “Much like his band of female assassins, El-Hashem is broken, emotionally damaged and weak." Both characters have their all too human backstories that illuminate their interactions with the world and each other.
The Corporation is written by Baltimore based novelist A.G. Fielder with art by Uruguayan illustrator Alfonso Rosso. The art on the page shown above sorta reminds me of the FX original animated comedy series Archer. That style would serve the material well, I think. "Writing is my passion and I look forward to releasing kickass spy stories with bad girl lead characters in the future..." says Fielder. " It's time for the world to see kickass characters that they can love or love to hate! That's what makes writing stories like The Corporation: Wrath of Khan and The Name is El-Hashem great!"  We at GhettoManga obviously love to see ladies going hard in comics (on the page as well as "behind the scenes"), so we are down with alladat what she just said.
Click here to help get The Corporation onto e-readers and comic shop shelves everywhere!


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