How @kenby met Street Fighter. A love story. PLUS preview Corey Lewis's upcoming breakdancing comic, FREEZE!

Believe it or not, I am not dying of thirst waiting for Sunbakery to show up. I am proud of how patient I am, and not even breaking my arm patting myself on the back! Anyways, I randomly ran across that sweet one page comic on DeviantArt and decided you needed to see it. You're welcome.
So anyways, since you're here, I though you might like to know that Corey is working on a breakdancing comic called FREEZE that's expected to drop in 2015.  I stole some preview art from his tumblr 'cause I'm a friggin' menace or something. Peep...

Yes. I am just as excited as you. Pro'lly more so... Okay, so I told you about Arem, Corey's Metroid fan comic a while ago, right? Prepare your eyes for feasting.

Okay, my typing and swiping muscles need to recuperate, so that's it for now!
For all you reycoholics, click here to sup at the teet of Sunbakery


Samax Amen draws people, places and things for a living.  CLICK HERE to buy a copy of Samax's artbook SPONTANEOUS Volume 1 for your coffee table, so you can say "I liked the first one better" when the new one comes out. You won't find Samax in the club, but you can follow him on Facebook or Twitter, which is just as good, right?


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