PREVIEW- BLACK DYNAMITE #3 from @IDWPublishing! (((airhorn)))

I don't have time to explain the appeal of the blaxploitation film, animation, and comics franchise Black Dynamite to you right now. Click here for more BD posts or just Google it or something. For now, just peep this preview of Black Dynamite #3...
Here's the sales pitch:
BLACK DON'T NEVER BACK DOWN! Black Dynamite is a man on a mission once again and this time he's going to Tibet to even the score. When the local Shaolin monks and volunteer aid workers come under attack, Black Dynamite goes on the offensive and discovers a Red Chinese / ex-Nazi conspiracy to breed and train the ultimate Kung-Fu Man-beasts.

I know what you're thinking, and I agree. I should be the artist on the Black Dynamite comic. But enough about me! Marcelo Ferreira and JM Ringuet did a solid job on this.  The writing by Brian Ash has that straight-faced comedic zip that Black Dynamite deserves, too. Looking forward to copping this, even though I didn't draw it.
Black Dynamite #3 hits stores Wednesday, July 9th.


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