MF DOOM Art Contest

i'm happy to announce that the next issue of ghettoManga Quarterly will have a sweet article featuring everybody's favorite supervillain, the mighty MF DOOM! to commemorate this joyous occasion, i've decided to run an MF DOOM ART CONTEST!
as if drawing a nice pic of the villain wasn't it's own reward, The top 5 vote getters will be featured in the magazine AND receive a FREE copy so's they can brag to their people about being published in the ILLEST rag anywhere! out of those five, i'll pick the best one and break them off $100 cash and put their piece on the COVER!
yeah, that's DOLLARS, not pesos, so get your pencils sharpened up, cuz that dude goldi Gold already sent in SupermuthaphuckinVillain (seen above)! enter as many times as you like to improve your chances of winning... send your artwork to deadline to enter is June 15. it's gotta be 8.5 x 11 300 dpi to be eligible, but color or black and white will do. and don't just copy a picture (that's wack!)... please remember to put GHETTOMANGA MF DOOM ART CONTEST on your email subject line! payout will be done with paypal, so if you don't have a paypal account, get one (it's free dude!)
anyways, i'll post the entries as i get 'em in. if there's any questions, let me know!


MeccaGodZilla said...

Nice! Good luck with the contest. I might try to jump in real fast!



samax said...

the more the merrier!

mantat said...

aw man a challenge! I was born into this.

Anonymous said...

hey,man...i'm interested! do you have any links to your character, that i can reference? let me know...peace!

samax said...

Yo Waydre,
just google MF DOOM. dude is probably the world's most famous underground rapper. click on the label MF DOOM which is on this post, and you'll be able to watch some youTubes and dl some music, too.

Lunaversoul said...

That's whats up!! Great idea Samax :D The prize is all good but I cant wait to see the results! If I can break away from work this show Ill see if I can come up with. Keeping fingers crossed.
Much love

Andre Moore said...

Cool I'm a big Doom fan. I love his new album thats all i pump in my pod pretty much right now. I'll do something up

samax said...

ya'll are the top-notchest! lookin' forward to seeing what ya'll can come up with!


Dan The Man -creativegenius said...

no fair, Goldi already got down! lol
I might get in the program....

samax said...

you KNOW i wanna see what DTM do wit it!

Vee (Scratch) said...

Mo doubt. I should be able to get down with at least 2 different pieces between now and June 15th.

I even try to make sure I don't submit it on the 14th.

samax said...

hey, the 14th is STILL on-time! do what you gotta do!

CANE said...

count me in bruh!

fluxwonda said...

I'm in on the late tip! HAA! FLAMMMMMMMM!!!

samax said...

the MORE the merrier! can't WAIT to see what ya'll come up with!

OYE Studios said...

Hey guys! Here's my MF Doom Art Contest entry. Hope you like it.

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