the Writing's on the Wall (LITERALLY)

Is Your Child a Tagger?
(click to enlarge) fam! this joint had me DYING! i don't know who did it... if you do, let me know and i'll credit it. [UPDATE: according to our clandestined sources, this actually came from a Graf Taskforce website in Cali... that makes it even MORE hilarious!]


EzekielRawlins said...

Thank the City of Santa Ana's task force on Graffiti & Tagging.

As for artist...who knows? I doubt they meant for it to be as hilarious as it came off.

samax said...

DAMN! that fact makes it EVEN MORE HILARIOUS!!!! thanks for the link...
by the way, i reviewed the story of your life, starring Denzel and Don Cheadle here:

thanks for stoppin' by, homey!

big Shane said...

LOL! that shit on point!
i need that poster for my wall!

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