So Much Love In Just One Can #1
by Jay Moreno
A contemporary graffiti and street art coloring book for kids and bombed out black book for their adults. This book features work by Pose2, Sew, Sye, PRVRT, Zimad and many more. Kid's need to learn about graffiti from someone other than the status quo that teaches them it's an eyesore. 50% of the profit goes to Pose2's Graffiti: The Art Form Class and the tri-city B-Boy BBQ. Printing on acid free 80lb paper makes this book a cool, fun activity for a rainy day.


Mr Robert Trujillo/Tres said...

One of the best coloring books ive ever seen! Yeah, Legal Bees Productions!

samax said...

word. that's what I'M talkin'about!

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