because "Boondocks Wasn't Hood Enough"

"I like Marcel Comix... kid's got some Hood Peanuts going on. The art is amateurish, but the writing is there. Give him 5 years of grind and he could have something.
Boondocks wasn't hood enough - it was like Spike Lee writing a comic.This kid's shit is like your cousin Malik writing the Boondocks."
-Jamar Nicholas (Detective Boogaloo, Jamar Chronicles, Draw! Magazine)

i been peepin this dude Marcel for a minute. a lotta cats try to pull off what seems to come natural to him: he understands how to make you laugh. he knows how to crank out his comic. he's very hood with it. like Jamar said, his drawing is inconsistent, but it doesn't matter. his comics have balls to spare! he doesn't quite look confident in his drawing style yet, but when he crosses that line, he's gonna explode! and drawing comics at the rate he does, i can promise you his drawing WILL improve... if he can avoid getting caught up in "the game" as the kids like to call it... anyways, give this kid a look! you can read his comics for free on his mySpace page. they will have you dying, trust me!


big Shane said...

that dude go hard!

samax said...

yeah, i know!

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