dope artwork can STILL sell the record!

okay, so my homegirl PeanutButterCookiez did this fly album cover for Rain All Day (click the pic to enlarge) by this hip hop crew called The Nope. the artwork was tight enough that i decided to listen to the song (which she had on her profile). so, after about 4 bars of finely tuned lyricism, i went to the group's profile for more, and before long i was on my blog, pasting together this post. so what's my point? listen to the snippets and if you are impressed like i was, go to The Nope's mySpace and listen to the songs for free (or buy 'em at, and remind them that it all happened because they had DOPE artwork!


Goldi gold said...

TELL'EM AGAIN !!!!!!!!

Vee (Scratch) said...

I can't even begin to mention how many times I checked out a book, film or music because the cover artwork is tight.

However when it comes to comics, its a different story. Often times, the cover trumps the inside artwork and then other times (as in 100 Bullets) you get a dope cover and killer inside artwork.

samax said...

(you know it, goldi!)

Scratch- you actually touched on a pet peeve of mine since grade school. i think the interior and cover art should (at least) have a cooperative relationship. if the covers make the interiors look bad, you should probably just let the interior artist do his own covers. sometimes, a lushly illustrated cover makes great interior art look bad when it really isn't.

i'm a fan of comicbook artists drawing their own covers, but if not, at least try to be complementary.

Michael said...

Agreed all around. 100 Bullets makes sense because it has a dedicated cover artist who works well with the dedicated interior artist.

More importantly...
your girl did a WONDERFUL cover. That's beautiful.

Kristi Young said...

I reposted on my blog! Good work Samax :) Also peep my post about Drake's album cover. I think you'll dig it.

<3 Kristi aka guerillamilk

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