Yippee Ki Yay Motherf*cka

on the low, i'm working on a book called 100 Movies That Should Be Comics about movies that need to have their universes adapted in comics (instead of the other way around). well, i might hafta call it 99 Movies That Should Be Comics instead, 'cause Boom Studios has announced that it will publish a prequel to Die Hard as a comic book series titled Die Hard: Year One.

The prequel series, which drops in August, focuses on a young rookie McClane over a decade before the original Die Hard. set against the backdrop of the '76 Bicentennial Celebration, expect explosions, a high body count and a young J-mac droppin' the F bomb! this is the kind of thing that could help comics out a lot (and it wouldn't hurt the movie industry either!)...


Dan The Man -creativegenius said...

I always like the Mclane character, and Bruce Willis did a good job of looking like a has-been-great-at-one-time-in-the-past cop.

It will be fun to see how he got to be the cool cat we all saw in the movies.

Troy said...

I don't know...doing a comic series for Die Hard kind of kills the hook...Y'know, the whole underdog has to stop terrorist in 24 hours-thing. How do you do that as an ongoing? Oh, wait. I forgot. 24.

rodbuddah said...

Yeah Buddy!
YippiKaiYay indeed!

Question: On this project, will you do an illustrated panel followed by the write up, or a full page illo?

Get back to me so I know (email or post is fine)

samax said...

the potential for a bad comic is always there, but i think it has a better chance as a comic than a movie sequel. but that's my opinion a lot of the time.

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