"The Kinda Media Coverage Obama Gets"

2008's ghettoManga Emcee of the Year, the ever-enigmatic Jay Electronica is gonna be a big part of something called Tweetstock this summer, according to the blog at URB.com:
" Our sources tell us that Tweetstock is in fact an event coming together this summer, lead by Jay Electronica. And it will be bigger than you think..."
so the tease is on, i guess. anyways, i'm still waiting on more info, so i'll let you know when i do...


Mr Robert Trujillo/Tres said...

YO!!!!!i SECOND THIS POST.Jay is ridiculous!
"blow a hole in the levy and spit me a stream, knock a mans house down and build a casine"!

samax said...

"spit that Kurt Vonnegut. that blow-your-brain-kurt-cobain that Nirvana shit..."

"i got the rap game singin' 'AT LAST' like etta james. lames get their planes shot down like John Mccain"


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