All up in the Hood...

that dude Tres of Come Bien Books did us a solid and copped this ghettoManga Logo Hoodie, and just to show what a cool cat he is, sent me this pic he took while rockin' it in NYC. aside from having exquisite fashion sense, Tres is a comicbook and graf artist reppin' the mighty TYS Collective (NYC-Cali STAND UP!). dude manages many hustles in the spirit of ghettoManga, and we mos definitely appreciate the love. for more of our coverage of Tres' Come Bien Books, go here. and make sure you visit the Come Bien mySpace spot too, homey! now, i'm not sayin' rockin' a ghettoManga hoodie will make you as fly as Tres... but it couldn't hurt! COP THAT!


big Shane said...

when i get one of them joints, i'ma send my pic in too. will you post my face on the web, too?

samax said...

no doubt! make it look good, 'cause the streets is watchin' fam!

Killer ZEES said...

Hah, Tres is fucking awesome!

samax said...

you know it ZeeS

B_Steelo said...


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