Paid in Full (Blokhedz ep 2)

here's that new Blokhedz.
let me know what you think!


Goldi gold said...

I was digging the original joint they came out with for the movie. but this ain't to bad. It's not as crisp as the boondock graphics but I see myself actually sitting and watch that joint plus the got kweli on the verbals so that a plus

Lashay said...

Yea this is nice!

Jamar said...

Its cool! I LOVE the graf arrows coming off of Blak when he uses his powers. that's a 'I wish I thoughta that' instance. the rest of it is a little too 'clean' for what they're attempting, design wise, but I think it's a good job. Somebody poured some cash into this project.

Trez Duo (Seiei) said...

That shit is nice. That rap battle amazing.

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