King City Returns this Summer

my clandestine sources have confirmed that Tokyopop and Image comics are ganging up to release Brandon Graham's KING CITY as twelve 32 page oversized books, starting on August 19th. Brando is one of the illest cats doing it right now... he's deep into hip hop and the influence is clear in his work. the first six issues will incorporate the Tokyopop released OGN i reviewed last year but of course, Brandon is sweetening the pot with added bonuses to woo people like me to buy them anyways!
The young do-it-all comicbook artist is a ninja about comics who works hard (he has at least one other comic Multiple Warhedz dropping this year), and surrounds himself with artists who are just as psycho about making comics as he is (his girlfriend is currently drawing a story arc of ElephantMen). man after my own heart... anyways, do yourself a favor and peep more about Brandon and King City here.


big Shane said...

damn you, samax! i bought that trade on your recommendation... now i'ma hafta buy it AGAIN!

LOL! nah, i'm just glad to see movement on this... i heard Tokyopop was havin' problems, so i didn't know what was up with KC2.
can't wait, cuz!

Brandon G said...

Thanks for the plug Samax, I thoroughly appreciate it.

samax said...

no doubt. and we can't wait for the new King City joints!

Troy said...

You got good taste in art. I remember hearing about this, the art-style is right up my alley...

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