cartoon Girl channels her Inner Gangster!

Who's Hungry by David Ochs is a send up of Hansel and Gretel, and really shows how ILL those aesops joints really are. straight disturbing, but in a good way! not for your kids to watch, but has an example of a little girl who channels her inner gangster!


Mr.Ron1 said...

ill find man, thanks for sharing.

Rodbuddah said...

ILL can't even describe this one--- Aesop really does rock!

This is a good post, for real!

Wallruss said...

Great stuff and really creepy. The worse thing the ice cream man did in my neighborhood was sell weed and drug accessories.

samax said...

what you mean is, as far as YOU know, that's the worst thing he's done...

clnmike said...

Cool work.

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