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the term "graphic novel" is thrown around a lot these days. for some people, it's just a way to say "comic book" without feeling like a dork. although the term is generally held as a badge of legitimacy, in the case of Still I Rise, it doesn't do the book justice. for one thing, this joint isn't a novel at all, but a Graphic History of African Americans. from the infancy of the middle passage and slave trade to the election of that one dude as the first black President, Roland and Taneshia Nash Laird painstakingly plot out the 400+ year history of African America, and the rock-solid cartooning of Elihu "Adofo" Bey (Neverknots) will make sure you feel every bump along the way.
the authors use duel narrators with distinct perspectives to walk the reader through history with a broad view not skewed to just one narrow ideology. Bey's intelligent use of cartooning makes heavy ideas accessible and the book's humor lightens tough situations and moments without erasing their gravity. because the research and hard work of the writers and cartoonist covers so many topics, historical figures, and events (and makes it look effortless), this book will create or reawaken curiousity about black history in children and adults that read it. it will make you laugh, it will make you angry, and it will fill you with pride and hope. every african-american family, every library, and every comic book enthusiast should have a copy of this book. and when you get your copy, don't stash it on a musty shelf. put it on your coffee table... where it can do some good! as for me, the copy which the publisher was good enough to give me to review is going to my local public library, but not until i buy another one for my own coffee table.


RodBuddah said...

Now this is a review I can get behind... A piece of history that NO medium can tarnish! A must for the brothers--- mixed in with Kyle Baker's Nat Turner and a Black Panther omnibus ( Showcasing where we're from, where we've been, and where we need to be!)


Samax said...

no doubt.
i'm really proud of this book, and think people should buy it. it's the kind of thing that people always complain about the lack of on some "if only this existed"... well, now it does...

Troy said...

I told my shop to get this. This is what's great about the medium....

samax said...


bigShane said...

word, money!
i'ma cop that this next payday!

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