PREVIEW: Chew #11

If you haven't been reading CHEW, the story of a federal agent who can sense the entire history of anything he eats, then you'll wanna buy the first trade, Taster's Choice to see what all the fuss is about. For the rest of us cool kids, I posted a preview of CHEW #11 below.
Here's the Sales Pitch:
A few months ago an intact mastodon was discovered encased in a glacier in Siberia. A few weeks ago the lab doing DNA sequencing on the prehistoric creature mysteriously burned to the ground. And a few days ago, Special Agent Tony Chu discovered an exclusive diner’s club of the very, very rich who commit crimes in order to procure the meat of the rare, exotic and extinct. Tonight is their annual dinner. Guess who’s coming to dinner to stop them? 

So go ahead and peep the preview and be sure to cop issue 11 Wednesday!
Ouch... so, yeah... feel free to cop that joint in stores tomorrow (Wednesday, June 9th). For all you "I only buy TPB" geniuses, CHEW Vol 2: International Flavor drops later on this month. To preorder on Amazon, click here.


Arkonbey said...

Holy Skamokaway!

I've been wanting to read Chew since I first happened upon it while hitting last year.

The thing is, the first issues are all out of print and, every time I've checked, no TPB is on the horizon.

Now, you've brightened my day (and lightened my wallet).

Thanks, man!

(interestingly, the verification word is "entice")

DwainIBe said...

Arkonbey - Amazon has got the Chew trades, the second one is set for pre-order right now.

samax said...

yeah, what he said...

Chew is definitely worth copping by any means necessary!

Empath said...

Gotta love Indy comics. A little afraid to read Chew though...especially after a meal. :-)

samax said...

lol! fair enough!

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