PREVIEW: "Rambo 3.5" by Jim Rugg!

"Ever wonder how Rambo felt on 9/11? After he helped the Taliban rid Afghanistan of Soviets in Rambo 3, only to feel the sting of betrayal when they teamed up with Osama bin Laden? The answers can be found in Rambo 3.5!"
Your man Jim Rugg (Street Angel, Afrodisiac, The Plain Janes) returns to his roots, dropping his first minicomic in 5 years, and this mess is a mother effing classic!

Rambo 3.5 is hilarious! Jim Rugg lets go and has a good time on this joint, changing the art style whenever he feels like it. The book's real star is George W Bush, in all his comedic glory... after the Al Queda attacks on New York and the Pentagon, George does what any President would (or should) do... he convinces John Rambo to get his strap one mo' gin!
I scanned a few pages for your enjoyment below!
so, did I mention I wanna be Jim Rugg when I grow up? Dude appears to be on the fast track to having it both ways: he does high-profile (well, medium profile) work for the grown-up comics industry, gets sweet freelance giggery, then flips and does awesome self-published shite as well. I'm not hatin' Jim, I'm congratulatin'!!!
I don't think Rambo 3.5 is available "in wide release" (as they say in the movie biz) yet, but keep your eyes on, since they will publish it soon. You'll just have to catch Jim at a convention if you can't wait 'til then! Feel free to read more posts about Jim Rugg here or check out his blog here.


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Jdubb said...

damn,i would like to read more of this comic.very interesting concept.

samax said...

I posted a link where you can order it!

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