I Probably shouldn't Show you this yet, but...

I can't HELP myself! People would probably buy my magazines and comics more if I didn't show them so much of it free on the internet, but I figure, if the knowledge that you can get never-before-printed comics from Josh Boulet (The Wrong Night in Texas, The Green Reefer) and Brock Rizy (Emily Edison, Catbear Traffic Control) PLUS an 8 page preview of Felipe Smith's ground-breaking culture clash manga Peepo Choo (printed in the back of the issue, so's you can read it right-to-left like he intended, of course) doesn't get you to buy the summer issue of GhettoManga Quarterly, then letting you peek at this page of Manchild: Birthday Boy I finished yesterday won't make much difference, either!

dope, huh? So anyways, I'm burning the candle at both ends and in the middle to get this issue done. I'll start taking preorders once it's finished, but you can order a subscription right now (just click here to order) so you won't forget. subscribers to GhettoManga Quarterly will also get some other goodies when the new issue comes out, but I can't talk about that right now... gotta get back to the drawing board!


Corance said...

That mess is turning out dope! I blame you, Samax!

samax said...

yes... it's all my fault...

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