Review: Missile Mouse Hardcover

I went to the public library with my daughter yesterday, and while I was there, checked out a copy of Missile Mouse: Star Crusher the brand new hardcover by rising star cartoonist Jake Parker (Flight, Agent 44).

I had been looking forward to reading Star Crusher for a some time, having become intrigued with Jake's cartoony sequentials in the venerable Flight anthologies and seeing more of his talent online and at conventions. Parker has a knack for sweeping storytelling, polished illustration and imaginative character design... and all three are on full display in Star Crusher, which is published by Scholastic, the publisher behind Kazu Kibuishi's OGN series Amulet as well as the full-color republishing of the Jeff Smith opus, Bone. While not quite the writer that either of those two guys are, Parker has created a very appealing and franchise-worthy character in the iconic action hero Missile Mouse.
In Star Crusher, the Galactic Security Agency sends its best agent, the over-the-top loose cannon Missile Mouse, to stop the Rogue Imperium of Planets from getting its clutches on the ultimate weapon of mass destruction: The Star Crusher. Unfortunately for Missile Mouse, the GSA has saddled him with a new partner who may be more trouble than he's worth!
Parker does a nice job of creating fun characters and space creatures for Missile Mouse to interact with, and puts his hero through the paces necessary to create a good story. Star Crusher lacks the gravity of the Amulet books, and has less meaningful relationships. Missile Mouse is such a badass that no matter what is thrown at him, you seldom feel that he is in any real danger. Still, Parker's creature designs and character development are strong enough to make the book a good read. Star Crusher is a self-contained story that doesn't continue per se, but it ends with the possibility of new Missile Mouse adventures on the horizon, which I would definitely welcome.
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Arkonbey said...

In total agreement. Not a story for the ages, but darn fun. He's blogged that book 2 is inked, colored and at the printers.

MM is a fun character. When I offered my free commissions, Jake asked for a MM (no pressure, there).

Check out the develoment of Missile Mouse

samax said...

AWESOME! You'll do a good job with it!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice that the entire structure of the story is a steal from "Raiders of the Lost Ark"? The beginning scene especially is exactly like the opening of "Raiders."

samax said...

I've actually never seen any of the Indiana Jones movies. They didn't appeal to me as a child, and I never got around to seeing them as an adult.

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