more "Black Aqualad" news

I swiped this picture of the new Aqualad off'a DC's newsblog The Source. Apparently, the new Aqualad (who we dropped info about in regards to the new Young Justice show coming to Cartoon Network) will have elemental powers, similar to his predecessor Tempest (who wasn't black, but did sport a respectable afro)...

I like the depiction shown here (by artist David Finch, i'd guess) a lot more than the Cisco version shown in the Young Justice teaser artwork... maybe I can dream that the cartoon will update him to look like this? maybe not... anyways, Geoff Johns revealed that the new Aqualad was raised in New Mexico as Jackson Hyde, and was taught by his parents to fear water (hopefully he does take baths?), in order to keep his true, presumably Atlantean, heritage a secret. Johns said Aqualad first appears briefly in Brightest Day #4, but features more prominently in #10. Not being much of a Geoff Johns fan, I'm damn near guaranteed not to buy either one, but now I am at least curious to check them out to see what they do with this character. Issue ten will drop before Young Justice debuts on Cartoon Network this fall. In case you missed it, read more about the cartoon here.


Arkonbey said...

everything else in your post was interesting, but all I could think about was how weirdly tight Aqualad's pants and what's-his-name's outfit are.

I mean, how sheer is that stuff? I mean there are ballet dancers and Tour de France riders whose muscles don't show up that much.

It's like an old Image cover only very nicely rendered.

samax said...

I'm right there with you!
I used to try to draw like this back in the day, and once I stopped, I can't look at it without thinking those same kinda thoughts!


DC: "How can we make Aquaman cool?"..."I got it! Let's make Aqualad black!"
TWENTYTWELVE:"We'll take Aqualad"

samax said...

sounds like you were in the board meeting!

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