DJ Dust + Playdough + JAX + Manchild + Sci = LAWDAMERCY!!!

this is a track off of Sound Methods, an early Mars ILL joint. This is my first time hearing it, but I had to share it...

<a href="">Mona Lisa (Feat. Playdough, Jax and Lil Sci) by Mars ILL</a>
classic material...

That's what I look for in my hip hop... Dust's beat is really dark and ominous, and each rhymer is slick and unique from each other. Playdough opens the track with the flows that have kept him consistently among my top favorite emcees. Jax is dope as usual (rip). I never heard Lil Sci before, but he's nice too. Manchild closes it down right...
<a href="">A Sound Method by Mars ILL</a>
okay, okay... here's the whole record... now, tell me, do you see why I cut for MarsILL?
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Goldi gold said...

Word up!!! Lil sci is known as john Robinson now in the hip hop game. dope tracks. Man, the best thing about JAX (R.I.P) is he stayed making music. You'll hear more of him on the new Binkis Album. shouts to MARS ILL also all day!!!

B_Steelo said...

egad that's fresh

samax said...

@ Goldi- JFK, baby!

@ Steelo- :yes:

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