Stinkmeaner's Legacy

That hateful blind dude Colonel Stinkmeaner is the gift that keeps on giving... He embarrassed Grandad by beating his tail the first time they fought, and even more by dying in a televised grudge rematch. But death didn't stop him, as miserable old coot returned from the depths of hell and possessed Tom. Now it looks like the Freeman fam is gonna hafta deal with more fallout from the evil bastich...

Episode 5 of The Boondocks (season three) is a good one. It taps into the raw and hip hop-meats-anime addiction of the fan base and creates a story that's easy to follow. Some of the best moments from the preseason trailer are in this episode, including the three old jokers who represent The Hateocracy, of which Stinkmeaner was a member. While it wasn't as good as episode three (Red Ball) in my opinion, is till very good!



Empath said...

This episode was Mcgruder's childhood: Goodtimes, Sandford and Son and Kung Fu/Karate Flix. It flipped blaxploitation on its head and made Aunt Esther, Fred Sandford and J.J Evans some serious badasses. It is one of the best episodes I have seen in the entire three seasons. I got nuff love for the Boondocks.

samax said...

sounds a lot like MY childhood... the voice actor who did the Red Foxx character was awesome!

Ron said...

Its quite good, thanks for the share.. i just wanna share also an online manga site that has lots of magazines covered, maybe just a suggestion.. but seeing videos is a pretty sure fire.. thanks for the share again

HWM said...

Sooo much to love in this episode. Fleshing out ni&&a moments with ni&&a synthesis and complete disaster.
The crabs in a bucket analogy with the crab basket capable of removing heads.
And 70s icons/stereotypes made deadly. Though I think JJ should have been the one to describe to the crab analogy.

But I'm mad the Grand Master is dead.

samax said...

and DECAPITATED at that! yeah, I will miss Bushido... it's always the good ones that hafta die...

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