Vixen by Eric Canete

Vixen by Eric Canete
 what's good, fam! I was trolling through my reader and got sucked into Eric Canete's blogspot... I'm telling you, it's a freaking black hole of awesome, and I'm just thankful I got out alive! This is a commission Canete did of DC's z-lister Vixen, a sister who can channel the powers of animals. She would be an awesome character in the right hands... anyways, just thought i'd share this illustration! For more Vixen art peep these covers by Josh Middleton!


Corance said...

Vixen was actually pretty awesome on Justice League Unlimited.

samax said...

yeah, she strikes me as a dope character. She had that miniseries, which I ALMOST bought... If I see it in TPB i might cop it.

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