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I always liked Brand Nubian. Spawned out of an era when it was understood that being conscious didn't mean you were a sucker of some sort, few rap groups exemplified street-level conscious hip hop like Sadat X, Lord Jamar, Grand Puba and DJ Alamo. After internal beef led to Grand Puba and Alamo leaving the group, there was serious doubt to whether Brand Nubian (with new member DJ Sincere) would survive...
All that was laid to rest with the release of the single Punks Jump Up to Get Beat Down, which preceded the sophomore album In God We Trust. Grimier than the group's classic debut record One for All, this one still sold okay despite its lead single being considered so emblematic of the homophobia prevalent in hip hop at the time that its critics classified the record as hate speech. If the controversy bothered anyone in the hip hop community, they didn't show it, as the album scored two Top 100 singles, with Punks and Love Me or Leave Me Alone.



Corance said...

Yeah, them horns was one of the sickest samples ever in hip-hop. Classic!

samax said...


Vee (Scratch) said...

Now a days . . . well probably depending on where they perform this song, when it gets to the part where they sound violently against homosexuals, they practice self-censorship.

The two Brand Nubians CDs without Puba were pretty tight especially the CD after this one.

samax said...

yeah, I actually bought that one too back in the day.

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