Role Models #1- Brian Stelfreeze

Poison Ivy (Ivy Dragon) by Brian Stelfreeze
here's artwork from a limited edition (only 25 were made) Poison Ivy print by comicbook demigod Brian Stelfreeze (Matador, The Ride, Guncandy).

Even though I don't draw even a LITTLE bit like him, he's definitely one of my major influences. He comes to Dallas a couple times a year (we do a lotta conventions here), and I always make sure to sit at the feet of the master for at least a few minutes. He always has a crowd around him, because his con(vention) game is hella tight! He does the most amazing watercolor and acrylic joints live while flirting with chicks and critiquing portfolios... in short, dude is a mother effing beast!
While we're talking about critiques, his critiques are always useful!  An artist can spend a year building on the advice Brian gives you in a 15 minute critique...and he knows how to give you advice you want to follow. He respects each artist's choice of style, and gives advice that will help you refine your style and make it better (so he's not gonna say "you should just draw more like Jim Lee"). I first met him about 12 years ago, and he remains one of my favorite artists to see on a convention guest list. Google him and you'll find (along with a lotta dope artwork) tons of people talking about how awesome he is.
If you don't feel like googling, just click here for tons of my posts about how awesome he is! 


bigkuntree said...

dammmmm!!! Dude is nice!!

samax said...

it's worse than you think... check him out. Freeze is the rillest...

REP96st said...

My homie put me on to him with Cycops.. Then I found out he was a Brother, and thats all she wrote!

samax said...


Eugenio Enrique said...

What a great artist!

samax said...

yep. awesome guy!

B_Steelo said...

Freeze is the illest.

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