DOPE Texas Hip Hop: Bavu, Chucky Sly, Headkrack & DJ SecondSense

good morning, plairs... since you need more hiphop in your life (who doesn't?), I submit for your consideration this track Fire in the Firmament featuring Chucky Sly, Headkrack, and Bavu Blakes on some soulful Texas hiphop isht.

<a href="">Fire in the Firmament ft. Bavu Blakes, Headkrack, Chucky Sly by djsecondsense</a>
Copped this off RappersIknow, which also had this trailer for Bavu Blakes song Me On the Mic. If you know me at all, you know I dig Bavu's southern 'broadcast drawl' and lyrical beastmastery, so obviously I'm crunk...

any mockery of Drake works for me homie...but I think ole 'Voosky is as deserving of rap stardom as the next man...

For example, peep him 'longside hip hop soul band Mojoe on their video Strange Revival. anyways, for more BavuTubery, just click here and let the rhymes speak to you. Getting back to that Fire in the Firmament, that joint was quarterbacked by Dallas' own DJ Second Sense, who stays on some smooth isht, as evidenced by his new joint A Mixtape by DJ Second Sense featuring Bodega Brovas (Headkrack, Travii and Keynote) and Chucky Sly, as well as a fresh remix of Busta Rhymes classic Dangerous, thrown in for good measure...
<a href="">Keep the Vibe - Bodega Brovas ft. Mr J. Medeiros - Erica Thompson by djsecondsense</a>
DJ Second Sense (aka Smooth Sense) also had a beattape called Open Beats on bandcamp that's worth peeping, If you made it this far, you must like his production, right?
<a href="">isLanD by djsecondsense</a>
so that's enough of that, I think... have a nice day! and if you catch anybody complaining about hip hop in the street, send 'em over here and I'll beat 'em over the head with dope raps until they submit!
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B_Steelo said...

oh HO! What manner of sorcery is this?

samax said...

Chucky Sly leveled up on me! He's sick on these tracks!

I figured you would dig these DJ Second Sense tracks, Steelo.

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