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what's good, fam! I don't have much to say today... here's the video to my favorite Digable Planets single, 9th Wonder (Blackitolism), off their terribly underrated sophomore album, Blowout Comb.

Digable Planets is one of those crews that don't get much respect from the general public, but is venerated among real hip hoppers. Branded as "one-hit wonders" when Blowout Comb failed to reach crossover success attained by their debut plate Reachin' (A New Refutation of Time and Space), the Planets disappeared into the hip hop underground never to return... which is a lot like saying they lived happily ever after! I attended a DP concert at a packed house a few years ago, and can tell you the Planets are still as groovy and esoteric as ever. To peep the free Digable Planets mixtape, Sounds from the 7th Dimension just click here.


chanson said...

this is my fav by them the visual too.

samax said...

yeah, that was a nice record. with dope guest shots by Jeru the Damaja and the mighty Guru (r.i.p.)

bigkuntree said...

this album was slept on BIG TIME!! Any album that features Jeru the Damaha, Guru and hot samples by Roy Ayers and The JB's should be in constant rotation....jus sayin!!

samax said...

right... I always assumed it was a well-received record until I saw DP on one of those one-hit-wonder countdown shows.

I asked around and found that non-hip hoppers weren't even aware of the album, or thins joint! It's one of my pet records to share with non-heads who kick it with me!

consafos said...

This is one of the best songs to make an entrance to.

samax said...

no doubt!
weeeeeeeerrrr... wooh weeeer
"The ONE and ONLY..."

Vee (Scratch) said...

I still have this CD. It's tight.

samax said...

@Vee- me too... the wife bumps it more than i do!

Brandon G said...

Man, I could listen to Ladybug Mecca pronouce "Water" all day everyday.

I like how Digable planets has this jazz age hip hop feel to it--sooo classy.

samax said...

I had a monster-truck-sized crush on Ladybug back in the day. Now that i'm grown, i can see it's mostly based on her voice and delivery. She's cute too...

DP was deceptively cool and jazzy, but also pretty gangster (jazzy + gangster + conscious = slick). Again, I think what they stood for means a lot more to hip hoppers than to the genral public (but then, the public doesn't really like hip hop as much as it THINKS it does...)

Corance said...

I'm was about like you, Samax. I was bumpin' Blow Out Comb for a couple of years before I found out it didn't sell.

I remember I bought it in junior college, and it was so jammin' that I just assumed it had gone platinum. Silly me.

But who cares. Real recognize real...

samax said...


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