Solomon Azua RETURNS this summer!

Jake Ekiss introduced the universe to its greatest space-faring thief and adventurer in the title character of Solomon Azua #1. Now, it looks like he's gonna put the "5 under 5" as they call him through the ringer! If you haven't bought the debut issue, you can preview and order it on Indyplanet. To read more about Solomon Azua, click here.
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Arkonbey said...

That looks promising. The art is pretty tight, and the story looks right out of a Heavy Metal from Back When It Was Good.

How's the printing quality of indyplanet?

verification word is Warsinki: The capital of the Polish/Swedish Empire

samax said...

Artists complain about Indyplanet sometimes, but I think the printing is good. I use them a lot...

I bought this book and really enjoyed it.

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