Start The Day off RIGHT

dang... I got up early this morning try'na bang out some comics... drawing mad backgrounds got me sluggish, so I need some serious horns and cats hollerin' to keep me in the right state of mind, nah mean?! enter the mighty Mos Def, Prefuse 73 and Diverse on that Wylin' Out (RJD2 Remix)! man, that's better than caffeine!

Okay! now I'm on some RJD2 isht! come with me, won'tcha!

Explosive by Lyrics Born & Diverse (RJD2 on the track)

Hand Me Downs by Soul Position (Blueprint and RJD2)off their album Things Go Better with RJ and Al. diggity dope. To read the story of how I first learned about Soul Position from a girl half my age (there's hope, people) just click here.
have a nice day!
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